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This set is loaded with vintage beads.  The beads came from a necklace and earring set that was broken and I just use them together to make something really special.  Of course there weren't enough to make a set so I had to add some - what I added was pink dyed jade, rose quartz, Czech faceted glass rondelles,  Czech glass pearls, and Swarovski bicones.  This set includes the necklace with is 22" long with a 2" extension, the bracelet which is 7 1/2 " with a 2" extension and earrings with sterling silver earwires. This set is also included in my Awareness Jewelry and is for Breast Cancer Awareness. 75% of the proceeds from the sale of this set goes to the American Cancer Society. I will gladly make the donation in honor of someone if you would like.

Vintage Pinks

  • I want my customers to be totally happy with what they buy from me, whether it cost $2.00 or $200.00.  So I offer a lifetime warranty on all my handcrafted items.  I will repair or replace any item found to be defective due to my workmanship.  I will also restring any item I make and/or replace the clasp. I will pay for shipping both ways for the warrantied item. I do request that the customer pay shipping for the restringing or replacing of a clasp, after 1 year.  Items that break due to misuse or mishandling will not be honored.  I will repair or replace them but the customer must pay for the materials used. I will defer labor charges.  So just how do you care for your handcrafted jewelry?

    1. Most of this jewelry is not intended for children or to be played with by children, so please keep it out of their reach.  
    2. Regularly inspect your jewelry, before wearing it to check for worn areas or clasps that do not work just right.  If anything seems wrong, please don't wear it and contact me for repair.
    3. Keep your seperate,preferably in bags, so that it does not rub against each other.  This is especially important for pearls and other soft gemstones.
    4. Put your jewelry on last, after you have put on your hairspray or perfume.  Hairsprays and perfumes can discolor your jewelry, so please be careful.
    5. Don't expose your jewelry to strong chemical cleaners. If you need to clean your jewelry, the best product to use is plain regular white toothposte. Rub it in with your fingers and use a soft toothbrush, if necessary, then rinse well with lukewarm water.  Toothpaste is great for removing tarnish from sterling silver and copper. And will shine all types of metals. (Oh, and if you use mint flavored, your jewelry will have a nice minty smell.)
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