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How it all began . . .

From the time I made my first polymer clay bead, I realized I had stumbled onto something that would change my life. I never dreamed I could enjoy a hobby so much. And now that hobby is slowly taking shape into a business - with a website, even. 

When someone once asked me why anyone would want a "stone" made from polymer clay when they could just as easily have the real thing, it made me think.  I feel that each stone is a work of art. Each one is unique, with no two stones exactly alike, just like Mother Nature. And I thought that everyone looked at them that way, but did they? I put lots of work into these stones and the jewelry I make from them, but was it all worth it?  But that still didn't answer why anyone would want to buy them.  The following are a few reasons why customers like my polymer clay stones:

1. It is art.  I have won two first-place blue ribbons for my turquoise in the Art category. And I am constantly working on making it better every time I make a new set.  No two sets are the same as well as there are no two stones made exactly alike.  And there are people who appreciate that fact. They appreciate the fact that no one, nowhere has a piece of jewelry just like theirs.

2. Real turquoise is prohibitively expensive for most people.  And most of the turquoise that is sold as turquoise is not "real" turquoise.  It is howlite or magnesite that has been dyed to resemble turquoise. It is very hard to tell the difference. These other stones can be sold as real turquoise even when they're not. But I never sell my stones as real, even though I have been able to fool a gemologist and a geologist, as well as winning two blue ribbons for my turquoise. And although a lot of time and work goes into them, I try to keep my prices at a level where everyone can enjoy my jewelry.

3.  Real turquoise is very fragile, breaks easily, and without added ingredients cannot be used in bracelets or other parts of jewelry that are subjected to lots of abuse, such as bracelets snd rings.  My turquoise is very durable. You know exactly what is in each piece - polymer clay and occasionally a little vermiculite or ground-up granite. That's it. I don't even use a glaze or sealant on my turquoise. The shine that you see comes from buffing. Period. And my turquoise is very durable.  I have dropped a couple of beads outside where they stayed for about two years, when I found them I washed them off and they were as good as new.  The only thing that I have found that my "turquoise" or other "stones" will not survive is a growing puppy who just has to chew on something.

4.  After winning my second First Place ribbon for my "turquoise", I realized that there were others who considered it to be art and appreciated its uniqueness.  

And just as unique as my turquoise, is my warranty.  I offer a lifetime warranty on all my handcrafted items, meaning I will repair or replace any piece found to be defective due to my workmanship.  I also offer lifetime restringing and clasp replacement. For further details, please see my Warranty and Care page.


Lifetime Warranty on all handcrafted items. Nora Preston, Owner/Designer, All designs my original designs unless otherwise stated.  Proceeds from some items are donated directly to charity.  Visit me on Facebook and Instagram.

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