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“Turquoise Stacker"Made with rich dark brown Czech 'groovy' tile beads, turquoise picasso DiamondDuo beads, Czech faceted glass beads and Miyuki seed beads. It is 8" long and has a sterling silver lobster style clasp. I'm taking 10% off each when you purchase two or more stacker bracelets. Design©️Deb Roberti 

Turquoise Stacker

  • I want my customers to be totally happy with what they buy from me, whether they spend $2.00 or $200.00. 

    Before you purchase an item, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions necessary to be sure this is the right item for you.  I will do my very best to include enough pictures and information so that you will feel comfortable with your purchase.  However, if once you get your jewelry and you discover it is not the right size, color, etc, it can be returned within one month from the time you receive it.  I always include tracking information with my shipping, therefore I know when it is delivered.  After one month, I offer store credit for any item you would like to return. 

    I also offer a lifetime warranty on all my handcrafted items. I will repair or replace any item found to be defective due to my workmanship.  I will also re-string or replace the clasp for any item I sell.  I will cover all shipping charges for the warranty but I ask that the customer pay for shipping the item to me to have it restrung or the clasp replaced,after 1 year of purchase.  Items that break due to misuse or mishandling will not be honored on the warranty, I will repair them but the customer must pay for the materials used, although I will defer labor charges.  The lifetime warranty does not apply to vintage jewelry.  I will provide restringing and or clasp replacement, as noted above.

    So just how do you care for your handcrafted jewelry?


    Unless the jewelry you purchase is made specifically for children, it is not intended to be worn by children or played with by children; so please keep it out of the reach of children under the age of 14.

    Regularly inspect your jewelry, prior to wearing it, to check for worn areas or clasps that do not work just right. If there seems to be anything wrong with the jewelry, please do not wear it and contact me as soon as possible, so that I can repair it. 

    Keep your jewelry separated, preferably in small bags, so that it does not rub against each other.  This is especially important for pearls and other soft gemstones.

    Put your jewelry on last, after you have finished with your makeup, hairspray, and perfume.  Hairspray and perfume can discolor jewelry so please be very careful.

    Don’t expose your jewelry to strong chemical cleaners.  Most of the time you will only need to wipe it down with a soft cloth, to keep it shiny and bright. If you feel it needs more intensive cleaning, you can use a 1:2 part mixture of window cleaner and water (one part window cleaner and two parts water). 

    The best jewelry cleaner by far, is basic white toothpaste. The cheaper the better. Rub it in with your fingers and then use a soft toothbrush, if necessary.  Then rinse with lukewarm water.  And be sure to dry thoroughly. Toothpaste is great for removing tarnish from sterling silver and copper and it makes all types of jewelry wire bright and shiny.  

    If you will follow these simple steps, your jewelry will last a lifetime.

    You will find a copy of the Warranty and Care Information included with your purchase.

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